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Instructions For A New Denture Or Partial


You have a new denture and/or partial denture. Wearing dentures can be a difficult transition for some patients, even those who have worn dentures in the past. Sore spots, altered speech, and difficulty in eating are common problems.

It will take time and patience for you to adapt to the new denture. If you encounter difficulty with altered speech, reading out loud will help to decrease the time in adjusting to your new teeth. Some dentures will require relining over time as the tissue and underlying bone will change with age.

Yearly examination of the surrounding tissue, as well as the denture itself, is required to promote the longevity of your new teeth. If you have a partial denture, routine visits with the hygienist are required to maintain the health of your existing teeth.

Cleaning your new denture and/or partial denture should be done with a soft toothbrush. Over the counter denture cleaners are helpful in loosening debris prior to brushing. Your new teeth are not indestructible. Dropping the denture/partial denture can lead to fractures that are not repairable and may require a complete new fabrication. To help lessen the chance of breakage, always clean your denture and/or partial over a sink full of water.

Your new teeth should be left out of the mouth during sleep to allow the tissue time to rest. Make sure to use the case provided to help prevent damage or loss. (Pets love to use the prosthesis as a chew toy!?!)

Also, soaking them overnight in white vinegar helps to remove the tartar.

If you have any questions, please contact our office.