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Instructions For Periodontal Patients

Home care is a very important part of periodontal therapy. Non-compliance can cause partial or complete failure of treatment.

  1. Using an electric toothbrush with toothpaste, place the bristles at a 45 degree angle of the gum line. For upper teeth move the toothbrush in a downward motion, sweeping over the gum line and the teeth. For the lower teeth, move the brush in an upward motion, allowing the brush to sweep over the gum tissue as well as the teeth. This type of motion will ensure that all surfaces of the teeth and gums are thoroughly cleansed. Allow the brush to do most of the work. Brushing should be completed in 2-4 minutes 3 times a day. If you choose to use a manual toothbrush, choose one with soft bristles. Following the same brushing motion described above. Manual brushing should be completed in 4-5 minutes 3 times a day.
  2. If you have spaces between your teeth, use an inter dental brush as directed.
  3. Be sure to clean your tongue. You may use your toothbrush or purchase a tongue scraper from your local drug store.

If a water jet device has been recommended as part of your home care routine, fill the device with warm salt water. Irrigate the teeth beginning on the right side and working around to the left side. Pause 5-10 seconds between teeth. Irrigate the outside of the teeth only (The side toward your lips). Direct the water pulses at a right angle to the teeth, focusing in between the teeth. Start with the middle setting on the machine and work your way up to the highest setting, unless otherwise instructed