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Instructions For A Root Canal

You have just had a root canal completed. To keep you comfortable and to promote proper healing, please be sure to follow your post care instructions carefully.

  1. Take all medications are directed by the doctor. DO NOT mix or substitute medications.
  2. Begin to eat well balance meals AFTER the anesthesia has worn off. If you need to intake food prior to this, please have a protein shake or a smoothie. Proper balanced nutrition is the key to giving your body the nutrients it requires to begin the healing process.
  3. If you still have excessive discomfort after 48 hours, please call our office.

The tooth may feel sore for a while; that is normal. Remember that, for most people, the root canal process is only the first step in restoring a tooth to function. Many of you will require a post crown to be placed on the tooth as soon as possible. Failure to complete this process could lead to fracture of the tooth.

If you have any questions, please contact our office.