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Patient Testimonials

Our patients talk about their experience.

My name is Felicia and I've been a patient of Dr. Garino since 1991. During the course of the last 20 years I've moved a few times but my visits to Dr. Garino's office continue. I did the commute from NYC for my visits for more than ten years and, in the past three years while living in London, I've arranged my visits back to NY around my dental appointment. I find Dr. Garino and his staff extremely professional and friendly. They make my visit to the dentist a pleasure. Over the next few years I will be moving around Europe but will continue to plan my home visits around my dental appointments.

All the best,


I can’t thank Dr. Garino enough for giving me a new and wonderful smile. For many years, my teeth made me feel very self conscious when I smiled or laughed, but now thanks to Dr. Garino with his expert care and knowledge, people are constantly giving me compliments on how beautiful my smile is. Not only was the procedure more successful than I ever imagined, but was done with such expert care and comfort and with little or no pain. Dr. Garino, you and your wonderful staff, make visiting a dentist a comfortable experience!

Dee B.

More than 20 years ago, I brought my aging teeth to you, indicating that I wanted to continue saving them all as long as possible. There were many old fillings and some crowns, but all except the wisdom teeth were intact. You have carefully replaced fillings, performed root canal where necessary, and installed crowns. All the base teeth, roots, and jaw structure have been maintained all these years through your excellent, painless procedures. You conduct thorough health exams of the mouth and clean the teeth yourself to closely examine teeth and gums. You have excellent equipment and tools which are continuously updated. You use the latest procedures and materials, and always take care that the installed hardware fits and operates properly. You answer questions and immediately respond to calls about discomfort or other problems. You recently removed a front tooth that was moving towards protrusion. Using a new single-wire adjustment technique, you moved adjacent teeth to close the gap within several months without the cumbersome wire bracing and year-long removals and insertions conventionally used. Further, you installed a single wire brace to stabilize the adjusted teeth for a year while permitting normal eating and with no discomfort. This is a great new process which I would highly recommend to others. J

Jim C., Maywood, New Jersey, age 80!

I switched dentists due to a severe latex allergy. I was informed by my former dentist that Dr. Garino had a latex free environment. Previously I had to wait in my car when my children had dentist appointments because I could not breathe in the waiting room. I now travel 20 to 30 minutes to get to Hackensack instead of five minutes, but I know I get quality care. The examining rooms as well as the waiting room are all latex free. I now have the entire family going to see Dr. Garino and follow good dental care due to a safe environment.

Nanette R.

Several years ago I was looking for a new dentist, and my daughter recommended Dr. Garino. Even though his office is some 20 miles from my home, and there are many dentists much closer, I decided to give him a try, and I am glad I did. Dr. Garino and his staff are very personable. They have taken very good care of my teeth, their charges are reasonable, and I have never felt pressured to have procedures done that were of questionable necessity. Dr. Garino is always willing to discuss any procedure he recommends with me, so that I feel I am making an intelligent decision when I decide whether to have it done or not. I would highly recommend Dr. Garino to anybody looking for a dentist.

William B.

I have been a patient of Dr. Garino's for over 10 years. I'm always amazed at all he can do. He takes a hands-on approach to his work and has the latest technology available. He screens for mouth cancer, does cleanings, fills cavities and makes beautiful caps. I recently had new caps put in and for awhile had temporary ones - no one ever questioned me about them - they looked terrific!! One of my teeth broke and he was instantly able to do a root canal on the spot - terrific dental capabilities. I have recommended him to friends and family and will continue to do so - he's the BEST!!!

Eileen E.

I have been a patient of Dr. Garino for about fifteen years. He was recommended to me by a dental office in Maryland and I have never regretted it. During those fifteen years Dr Garino has capped several teeth and provided a replacement tooth for one that was missing. His work is impeccable. I received so many compliments on my new smile. My daughter admired his work so much, she had him do cosmetic work on a chipped tooth she had along with an implant. When visiting the office you are greeted by a friendly staff and receive the highest quality of professional advice and care.

Arline N.

Dear Dr. Garino, As you know we have been patients of yours for over 20 years. Not only have you provided excellent dental care for us but also our children. Three years ago we moved to Pennsylvania. At first we thought of looking for another dentist only for the fact that we now live two hours away. However, in our search we have not been able to find anyone as skilled as you. It is rare to find a dentist that is as knowledgeable as you and capable of handling just about everything. In addition, your office is impeccably clean and equipped with the latest technology. I have always been impressed with your capacity to keep up with the latest dental research and your ability to put it into practice. Perhaps our biggest reason for choosing to remain as your patients is the fact that whenever we are in your company or speaking with your staff we feel more like family then a number.

Charlie J.

I would like to relate my happy dental experience with Dr. Garino’s office a few years ago. While I never had serious difficulties with my teeth over the years, I had since adolescence desired a better smile. So when Dr. Garino informed me that a couple of teeth would require crowns, I made the decision to have all of my teeth crowned to yield uniformity in whiteness and appearance. While Dr. Garino stated that I did not have to have all of this work done at that time, he certainly could accomplish all that I wished. We then developed a game plan. The office manager, Gail, was very helpful in scheduling my numerous appointments around my unusual working hours and busy lifestyle. After about 9 months of careful and fairly pain-free work by Dr. Garino and Mirelys, his highly capable assistant, my “new mouth” was complete. Perhaps as important as a better appearance – I certainly could chew food better, my teeth just felt better. Today I feel more confident socially and I’ve never concerned myself over eating any type of food. In fact despite the protests of my girlfriend I plan on stopping at The Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo on our some-day cross-country Route 66 trip and tackling, with her help of-course, their famous 72 oz. steak. Thank you so much Dr. Garino, Gail, and Mirelys.

Steve S., Hackensack, New Jersey

Where have the years gone? More years than I want to remember, I was looking for a dentist in the Hackensack area. I was steered by friends to a Dr. Fear. After making an appointment, I found myself in the chair of a new “upstart” named, Dr. Ed Garino. His manners and skills impressed me so that I kept asking for him. My three daughters, then in grade school, also were patients of Dr. Garino (They have since married and moved out of the area). I’m guessing that over 35 years have passed since that first meeting and Dr. Garino continues to care for our dental needs. My wife and I, while spending summers on LBI, still make our appointments through his very capable “right hand gal” Gail and travel the 120 miles for cleanings and dental care.

The M Family