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Instructions For Fillings Crowns

You have recently had a new restoration such as a crown or a filling placed. The tooth may feel sensitive to thermal changes brought on by eating/drinking hot or cold foods. The tooth may feel sensitive to the touch. 800 mg of Ibuprofen (i.e., Advil Liquigels – 4 caplets) taken once every 8 hours may reduce discomfort. Most of the time these sensations are temporary, lasting a few weeks to a few months. Should these symptoms begin to escalate, waking you at night, or having sensitivity without any stimulation such as eating or drinking, please contact our office immediately. This may be a sign that, despite our best efforts to return the tooth to health, the nerve in the tooth may be dying.

Many patients do not know what to expect when the anesthesia wears off. The bite may feel different. Give the tooth 24 hours to adapt to your new bite. If after that time you do not feel that is quite right, please call our office immediately to have your bite adjusted. You will NOT “grind in” the proper bite.

Proper home care and regular maintenance interval with our hygienist will increase the longevity of your new restoration.